Anna Krause is a third-year DPhil student in music composition at the University of Oxford.  Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Anna had her first music lessons while living in Bonn, Germany as a child.  She has earned degrees in composition from William Jewell College, the University of Missouri – Columbia, and the University of Oxford.  During her undergraduate career, Anna spent a semester studying composition with Nancy Van de Vate in Vienna at the Institut für Europäische Studien, Wien.

Anna has had works performed in the United States, Austria, and the United Kingdom.  She has a particular interest in writing theatrical or storytelling music, and in writing for voices.  Cantata Eliensis is her second expedition as a composer into the world of opera; her first opera, The Raven, based on the poem of the same name by Edgar Allan Poe, was performed at the University of Missouri with Dr Stefan Freund conducting.

Anna is also interested in choral music and is involved with a number of choirs around Oxford, both as a singer and as a composer.

Anna was commissioned by Cantata Dramatica to write Act 1 of Cantata Eliensis in 2013.