Cantata Dramatica's ability to commission accessible new music and arrange for it to be publicly performed to a high standard is dependent on the continuing and generous support of individuals and organisations.  Whether you choose to make a one-off donation or to set up a regular gift, your support will be greatly appreciated.

Why not consider joining our growing band of Friends and Sponsors (either individual or corporate)? In addition to financial support, we also need Angels (people with local knowledge) in places where we are planning performances to help us build an audience and find suitable amateur groups to collaborate with.


Friends of Cantata Dramatica are entitled to seats at previews, substantial discounts on tickets for premiere nights and the chance to sit in on rehearsals and thus participate more closely in the music making process. They may also receive invitations to special events or private receptions before or after a performance.

We ask for a minimum payment of £50 annually or £5 monthly but some people decide to give more.

Please contact us if you would like to become involved as a Friend and we will be pleased to provide more information.


We are extremely grateful to our existing sponsors, who provide the vast majority of our funding.  Sponsorship income is primarily used to fund musical commissions but it also enables us to underwrite performances and to produce audio-visual materials to help us to further promote our work.

We are already working on our next commission and we have other ideas in the pipeline.  If you would like to become involved as a Sponsor or in any other way, please contact us and we will be pleased to discuss our exciting plans with you in more detail.


Angels is the term used by Cantata Dramatica for the invaluable people who provide us with local knowledge and support wherever we are planning to put on our productions.

Specifically, we need Angels to help us build an audience by identifying local societies or associations who may be interested in our work.  We also rely on them to help us find suitable local amateur groups who would be interested in joining with our 'core' company of professional musicians and backstage personnel to create a truly collaborative production.

This model has worked well for us so far and we are keen to repeat it. If you can help us, either with a production that is already planned (see the Projects page for details) or with suggestions for a future venue, please  contact us.