In November 2017 Cantata Dramatica organised a recording of extracts from Solfa Carlile's 'Life of St Cuthbert' as a learning aid for choirs who are planning performances of the work.

The recording took place in All Saints' Church, Headington, Oxford in the presence of the composer.  The Cantata Dramatica Soloists* were directed by James Potter and the Recording Engineers were Peter Champness and Peter Hart. 

For sections which were not recorded, a Sibelius audio file has been provided.

These tracks are made available for rehearsal purposes only. Please DO NOT share them with anyone who is not a member of the group or publish them in any way including via email or any form of file sharing or social media..


Daniel Tate (Cuthbert)

Elspeth Piggott, Fleur Smith (S)
Steph Franklin, Tom Hammond-Davies (A)
Ali Walker, Will Anderson (T)
Will Pate, James Jenkins (B)

Mark Jordan - Piano/Organ
Vanessa McNaught - Viola
Spike Wilson - Cello
Jenny Broome - Harp
Thomas Hewitt - Trumpet