Grantham Accommodation (Cantata Eliensis)

The Gravity Fields Festival is providing accommodation for Cantata Eliensis soloists for the night of 27 September.  Please fill in the form below to enable us to allocate the available rooms in the best way possible.

Name *
How are you travelling to Grantham?
Are you willing to share a room with someone else?
If you are willing to share, do you want to share with someone in particular or are you happy to leave it to us?
Which of the options listed below would you prefer?
Please add any additional comments that might help us to make the best choice for everyone.


Option 1 (2 people)

Lavender House (holiday home in central Grantham let to production team) - sharing twin room.

Option 2 (4 people)

Ashes Lodge – in holiday let few miles outside Grantham – 2 rooms for single use (although a double bed in each if any couples), and 1 x twin – ie for 4 people unless there are couples - we will organise/reimburse taxis if no car is available to get there on Saturday evening and return on Sunday morning

Option 3 (3 people)

Glebe Farm - 3 rooms for single use (although one or two of them with double beds) in farmhouse few miles outside Grantham owned by Debbie Nicholls our PR person  – need to be able to cope with a big friendly dog – family home environment….although she lives there herself – again we would sort taxis if necessary

Option 4 (5 people)

Kings Hotel – 2 x twin rooms and 1 person by themselves in a twin room