Ross McKim is the Principal and Artistic Director of the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance.  He entered The Royal Ballet School in 1965 at the age of sixteen. Judged first in his class at the end of his first term he was taken into The Royal Danish Ballet by the end of what would have been his second. He then danced with The Royal Danish Ballet, The National Ballet of Canada and London Contemporary Dance Theatre as a principal dancer before performing for his own companies.  He founded Moving Visions in London in 1976. It was later known as English Dance Theatre while based in the north of England. He set up Chamber Dance Theatre in Canada and moved it back to London.

In 1985, he was appointed Director of Rambert School and re-established Moving Visions as a research vehicle. He has taught for all the major London professional schools and many companies including Rambert Dance Company, London Contemporary Dance Theatre and Phoenix Dance Theatre. He has choreographed for contemporary dance companies (including London Contemporary Dance Theatre), ballet companies (including The National Ballet of Canada), opera (including English National Opera), theatre companies (including the Tyne Wear Theatre Company) as well as schools, youth groups and puppets.

Ross McKim and Moving Visions provided choreography and dancers for two performances of Francis Grier's Missa Aedes Christi in Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford in June 2013.